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Samoa became independent in 1962. It is located in the South Pacific east of the International Date Line and consists of nine islands. English is the basic local language. Samoa has a complete service structure. Many well-known accounting firms have set up offices in the country, and there are also numerous law firms. Currently, there are three retail banks in Samoa. In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Samoa can assist with annotation and certification of documents required for operations in China.

Samoa offshore company law was originally introduced in the late 1980s and was based on Cook Islands legislation. However, it now incorporates a number of improvements to make it more user-friendly to meet the needs of the Asian market.

Samoa has relevant company laws that require the preparation of a register of directors, secretaries and shareholders and keeping it at the company's registered address. The register must be kept at the company's registered address one month after the company's incorporation. Shareholders can waive the audit. Account requirements

Requirements for establishing a new/existing Samoan company:

  • Both Chinese and English company names are accepted;

  • Authorized registered capital of US$1,000,000 and US$1 per share

  • Minimum 1 share distributed;

  • At least 1 director and shareholder; and

  • You can choose between registered and bearer stocks.

Advantages and features of establishment:

  • No annual report is required;

  • There is no need to declare taxes or pay any taxes;

  • No auditor's report is required, only information is retained to reflect economic conditions;

  • It has a high degree of confidentiality (the list of directors and shareholders of the company is not disclosed to the public).

  • Company documents can be saved in any language;

  • Allow company re-domiciliation to be carried out in a convenient and effective manner;

  • The name of a Samoa company must end with the words "Limited, Corporation, Incorporated", while in Chinese it is "Limited Company".

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