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Company Secretary

According to the requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622), all limited companies established in Hong Kong must have at least one company secretary, and the company secretary must be:

  • A natural person aged 18 or above who ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or

  • A company operating in Hong Kong or having a registered address in Hong Kong

Annual renewal

  • Serve as company secretary to meet the registration requirements in Hong Kong;

  • Prepare annual returns; and

  • Provide advice on company secretarial administrative matters

Personal Secretary​ vs
Company Secretary

Personal Secretary

  • The service target is the direct boss or department

  • Responsible for paperwork

  • Assist boss with daily affairs

  • Arrange appointments, process documents, type, and take notes

Company Secretary

  • Legal position and responsible for coordinating company performance reporting

  • Liaise with shareholders and government regulators on behalf of the company

  • Coordinate matters related to corporate law or listing

  • Ensure that the company's operations comply with relevant laws and regulatory provisions

  • Organize, arrange and attend various directors' and shareholders' meetings

  • Review the company's management and operations and submit various recommendations to the board of directors

  • In order to provide high quality and ensure that customers comply with the requirements of Hong Kong laws, customers need to notify our company immediately:​

  • If there are any changes to company details (such as: shareholders or directors and details;

  • Start business or hire employees; and

  • Respond promptly to our emails or notifications

Client duties

  • Company renewal service

  • Provide registered office address (virtual office)

  • Serve as Company Secretary

  • Prepare and maintain legal records

  • Arrange and attend company meetings and prepare meeting minutes

  • Preparation and submission of documents for change of company’s registered address

  • Preparation and submission of documents for change of company directors

  • Share transfer

  • increase share capital

  • Allotment of shares

  • Assistance in opening a bank account in Hong Kong

  • Change and update articles of association

  • Company cancellation and liquidation

Service scope

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