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Terms of Service



Client means the owner of the company or a person authorized by the owner who requires HKBSC to provide services to the owner or authorized person of the company; owner or person means those owners or persons jointly or severally.

A nominee of the Client means a person who from time to time is nominated, appointed or holds the office of director, alternate director, secretary, manager, partner, trustee, protector, bank signatory, other person, trustee, administrator of the power of attorney, company The registered agent, provider of registered office, legal services address or registered shareholder.


Company means any company, trust, foundation or other legally recognized structure established and/or managed by HKBSC.


HKBSC/Hong Kong Business refers to Hong Kong Business Service Center Limited.


Person means any body corporate, body corporate, company or other body corporate.


Services refer to, but are not limited to, company formation, management, administration, registered agent, company secretarial, banking or broker introduction, trustee, consulting and other related services provided by HKBSC to client companies.

Business activities

HKBSC reserves the right to discontinue the provision of any services and to cease taking action against any customer without prior notice if any customer has become or becomes an excluded person or engages in any illegal or prohibited activities.

Persons excluded include persons who have been imprisoned or convicted of any criminal offence; persons who are proven to have acted fraudulently or dishonestly in any civil proceedings; persons who have shown moral turpitude in any way.


Illegal or prohibited activities include illegal or other activities related to money laundering, receipt of proceeds of drug trafficking, terrorist activities or criminal activities or trading with such countries, which are excluded by banks and financial institutions from time to time.


Commercial activities not approved by HKBSC include, but are not limited to, industrial espionage, arms and weapons trading, humans, human or animal parts, biological substances or nuclear materials, pornography, gaming and any other purpose that is illegal under the law where the company is established or established. , or engage in business or other purposes that are not acceptable to HKBSC.

Fees and direct costs

The customer promises to pay the negotiated agreement service fee charged by HKBSC after receiving the invoice from HKBSC. Fees are as stated in the fee schedule published by HKBSC, which may change from time to time.

The Client undertakes to pay HKBSC in advance all direct costs, government duties, licensing fees or government charges of any nature relating to the Company. HKBSC is not responsible for any fines, fines or other liabilities incurred by the Client or the Company, and the Client assumes full responsibility for paying these fees and indemnifying HKBSC for any liability thereto.


If the Client fails to immediately settle an invoice issued by HKBSC, the Client authorizes HKBSC to deduct fees, direct charges and other charges from any accounts or funds controlled by HKBSC belonging to such Client.

If the customer does not require the services provided by HKBSC, the customer shall notify HKBSC within thirty days of receipt of the HKBSC invoice for the next year's services. If the Client fails to notify HKBSC within the relevant 30 days, the Client shall be deemed to have agreed to pay HKBSC’s service invoice in full.


HKBSC will not refund monies paid for services (regardless of the specified period of the relevant services). HKBSC reserves the right not to provide services or act in accordance with customer instructions. If HKBSC ceases to provide services or ceases to take any action for any reason, HKBSC will not refund any money paid therefor.

Directors, statutory offices and registered office

Directors and officers will always consider client requests but will not require them to act in any way that they consider dishonest, illegal, inappropriate or unethical.


No reference may be made to the registered office address of a client company provided by HKBSC in any marketing or corporate material, advertisement or announcement without the express written consent of HKBSC.


HKBSC or the registered agent in the relevant jurisdiction may move its office to another location and this may require a change of the company’s registered office address. HKBSC promises to provide customers with as much advance notice as possible of any such move, but it will not be responsible for any resulting costs.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers should provide HKBSC with a copy of their passport for HKBSC records. HKBSC will strictly retain a copy of the client's passport unless it is necessary to disclose a copy of the passport to a bank or brokerage firm, or by a competent court or by another legal court, or as otherwise directed by the client.


Clients should provide HKBSC with updated contact details and instructions regarding restrictions on communication matters.


The Client shall not engage the Company in any unlawful conduct or undertaking as it may be defined as unlawful in each jurisdiction in which the Client Company does business. Customer shall be solely responsible for determining whether any such conduct or undertaking is unlawful. HKBSC is not responsible for any illegal acts or commitments undertaken by clients or client companies.

Customers should ensure that the Company has sufficient funds to fulfill its commitments to HKBSC and other third-party suppliers of services and/or products in a timely manner. HKBSC assumes no responsibility for the financial commitments of client companies.


HKBSC expressly disclaims any liability to the Client, the Company and any third party for any damage or loss caused to the Client, the Company or any other person as a result of the Client or any other person’s use of the Company and/or the Services.  


The Client shall indemnify HKBSC and its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees and agents against all claims, proceedings, costs (including legal) and liabilities arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions of business and the services provided. make compensation and hold harmless.



HKBSC will not disclose any information about the company, its owners, its directors and shareholders to any third party without the consent of the homeowner. This provision does not apply when Hong Kong BSC is compelled by law to disclose such information.

General provisions

Clients should provide HKBSC with all instructions or requests regarding corporate matters in writing. HKBSC may, in its sole and absolute discretion, agree to act on any other request or instruction except where expressly stated in writing that HKBSC is not responsible for any misunderstanding or error.


All communications relating to the management of the Company will be deemed to have been properly communicated to the Client if sent to the postal address, email address or fax notified to BSC Hong Kong by the Client.

HKBSC accepts no responsibility for any failure to comply, in whole or in part, with any instructions received from the Client and is not responsible for the consequences of failure to receive instructions for any reason.

HKBSC provides information on offshore trust services, investment advisory and business matters in its brochures, World Wide Web site and other materials. Such information does not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice.


If HKBSC receives mail, whether by post, courier or other means on behalf of a client, HKBSC reserves the right to inspect the contents of such mail.

Validity period


If the terms are changed, the company does not need to give prior notice to customers or potential customers.

dispute resolution


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and all disputes related thereto shall be finally settled by the Hong Kong Arbitration Center in accordance with its rules. For the avoidance of doubt, the Client and HKBSC agree that the arbitration decision shall be binding on all parties to the arbitration.

Refund policy


Regular/annual maintenance service:

Our annual service fee amounts and services (company secretary, registered address, etc.) are designed for year-round service;

No refunds will be given if the customer decides to quit, stop or change service providers during the year.

Document preparation fee

Existing clients may instruct ad-hoc work; however, if the client requests that the job be canceled during execution; if documents have already been prepared, we will charge a document preparation fee - even if the client has expressly canceled the instructions; the document preparation fee is based on preparation The number of files varies. Usually $100.

Cloud space service


Our independent cloud space is available 24/7 and uses RAID 1 for instant backup. The cloud service aims to provide an independent space for customers to conveniently store and browse their files at any time. If the customer uses it for other purposes, the service contract may be terminated immediately. In addition, if files are temporarily unable to be browsed or are missing due to unstable power, unstable weather, scheduled maintenance, etc., we will not be responsible for the related losses.


We also recommend that customers regularly download the relevant documents for safekeeping. If the customer fails to pay the annual renewal fee for the cloud service at the time of renewal, the files in the cloud space may be cancelled.


We reserve the right to review the content contained in the cloud space and read customer letters.


If it is found that the hosted content involves pornography, gambling, crime, any advocating crime and other objectionable content, advocating racial discrimination, radical religious or political content, the company has the right to refuse the service application or terminate the service immediately without any prior notice.


We reserve the right to update the above terms from time to time.

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