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It can be frustrating for startups when they first receive their tax returns. However, Hong Kong Business provides one-stop services, with our team of many years of experience making entrepreneurs’ worries disappear.

The following are the services we provide:

(There are many services and it is impossible to list them all)

  • tax calculation

  • Profits tax return calculation

  • Employer's salary and pension tax return
    (Forms 56A, 56B, 56E, 56F, etc.)

  • personal tax return

  • Property tax calculation

  • Apply for tax extension

  • Object to tax assessment

  • Handling tax investigations

  • Apply for deferment of provisional tax payment

Accounting, audit arrangements and tax filing

​Price list



accounting services

(Monthly /Yearly)

Audit arrangements

(by year)

 To obtain an accurate quote, please provide the Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet and General Ledger.

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