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Bank Account

You are free to choose between trandtional banks or Fintech accounts.

In response to the increasingly stringent regulations on money laundering rules (including tax avoidance and evasion of foreign exchange controls) around the world, traditional banks in Hong Kong have adopted stricter account opening procedures for foreigners or commercial companies to open accounts.

As a Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) licensed company, we understand the bank KYC (Know Your Client, know your customer) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and required compliance procedures, as well as Anti-Money Laundering regulations. We formulate unique account opening plans for clients and effectively improve the success rate of account opening for clients from various countries.

General information required for opening a company account:

  • Business Registration Certificate (BR) and Certificate of Incorporation (CI) (Limited Company)

  • Business Registration Certificate (BR) and Extract from Business Register (FORM 1(a)/FORM 1(c)) (Unlimited Company)

  • Identity documents and address proofs of shareholders, directors and all authorized signatories

  • Company background (including source of funds), experience in related industries and business reasons for establishing the company

  • Company organizational structure, if there is a holding company or a subsidiary company

  • Invoices, purchase orders, logistics orders, leases, contracts and other business documents

  • The latest financial audit report (limited company, if any)

  • Company business plan (if not opened)

  • Company website or product description materials (if any) (e-commerce)

Traditional Bank

Other than traditional banks, clients may also choose new Fintech (Financial Technology) such as Airwallex, Currenxie, Neat, Statrys, Payoneer, WorldFirst, etc. Unlike traditional banks, these companies are usually able connect  various online e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Xero, etc. Usually this type of account has no minimum deposit and provides cheaper international remittance services comparing traditional banks. Clients enjoy lower transaction costs and focus on their own business development. Company cards and financial statements also be provided. Online account opening and processing time are also faster and more convenient than traditional banks.

Some Fintech companies are also regulated by Hong Kong laws, money service operator license (MSO License) and licensed money lender (Money Lender Licence).

Just like a normal bank account, your company will be issued a unique bank number with your company name as the beneficiary, other banks can identify your company and your account, so you can process send and receive money to/from traditional bank accounts. The bank account number you obtain can be connected to online payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to accept payments from customers with various payment cards (such as MasterCard and Visa), as well as from online payment gateway accounts Payment is made to your business account to ensure smooth business operations.

Fintech Account

As service providers do not offer finanical products likes traditional bank, depending on individual bank policies, they may charge you a handling fee for each remittance (both collection and payment), and account subscription fees.

Service Charge

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Each account has established usage limits, including maximum balance, maximum recharge limit, and limit per transaction. These limits are determined by the service provider based on the nature of your business and the expected number of transactions.

Account Limit

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