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Seychelles is an independent Commonwealth republic which has good political stability and a democratically elected government. Seychelles' economy mainly relies on tourism, commercial fishing and offshore financial services.

Seychelles' success relies entirely on the local government's success in striking a balance between strict regulation and market needs.

Legal system and tax system


In addition to company law and criminal law, Seychelles is mainly dominated by British common law. Seychelles companies are mainly regulated by the International Business Companies Act 1994 (IBC Act), a business organization issued in 1994. Seychelles companies are not required to pay local profits tax on profits earned outside Seychelles. Seychelles companies can be converted into other resident companies, such as Seychelles Special License Company (CSL), etc.

CSL is a local company in Seychelles (incorporated under the Companies Act 1972) which was granted a special license under the Companies Act 2003. CSL can enjoy the advantage of double taxation avoidance. Countries and regions that have signed double taxation avoidance agreements with Seychelles include China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand, South Africa, Botswana, Oman, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, etc. This expansion Network in Seychelles.

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