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Restricted Disclosure of 

Personal Information

The new Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) introduces a system to strike a reasonable balance between protecting privacy and taking into account the public's need to obtain personal data. In January 2013, the personal details of more than one million directors and former directors appeared on the Companies Register.

  • According to section 54 of the new CO, the usual residential address of directors and the complete identification number of any person (hereinafter referred to as "protected information") will not be made available for public inspection.

  • For directors, the new Ordinance requires that in addition to their usual residential address, they must also provide their correspondence address. Only the correspondence addresses of directors appear on the company register.

  • As for personal identification numbers, some of the digits will be obscured, and only part of the identification number (for example: A123***(*)) will be included in the company register for public inspection.

  • In view of the large number of existing records containing ordinary residential addresses and identification numbers, section 49 of the new Ordinance stipulates that information already included in the companies register will only be released upon application and payment of a fee by the relevant person. Public Inspection. If an individual's usual residential address is not available for public inspection, the correspondence address provided by the individual will be substituted for public inspection in the Companies Register.

  • As for identification numbers, some numbers will still be included in the companies register for public inspection. According to sections 55 and 56 of the new CO, if communication with a director cannot be made at the director's correspondence address, the Registrar of Companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Registrar") may, after considering representations made by the director concerned and the company, transfer the director's The usual residential address is placed in the company register as its correspondence address and is available for public inspection. The Registrar's decision to place a director's usual residential address on the register of companies is valid for five years.

  • In addition, under sections 52 and 59, creditors of the company or any other person with a sufficient interest may apply to the court to order the Registrar to disclose unavailable information or protected information in order to obtain access to the information.

  • The relevant subsidiary legislation of the new Ordinance stipulates that only company members, public officials, public institutions, liquidators and other designated persons may have access to non-provided information and protected information.

  • The Companies Registry is gradually masking information for established limited companies. After the masking is completed, only the director's mailing address (usually the company's registered address) and personal identification number will be partially masked. ​

  • Customers can change the director's mailing address from the company's registered address or personal address to our company's address according to individual needs to protect personal information. Welcome to contact our company.

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