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Hong Kong's Companies Ordinance (Cap.32/Cap.622) also requires all companies to prepare financial statements every year.

  • We will prepare financial statements for the enterprise based on the bookkeeping information provided by the client. These include profit and loss account, balance sheet, owner's equity statement, cash flow statement, etc.

  • The preparation of financial statements helps customers review the company's capital flow and profitability, and set policies and plans for the future of the company.


We are Xero's project consultants.

Xero Accounting is an accounting software company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). Xero provides cloud accounting software services specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Customers using the Xero accounting system can easily handle the company's accounts online, providing a simple, fast and convenient platform. The Xero accounting system is simple and easy to use. Only basic accounting knowledge or short-term teaching is required. You can handle accounting accounts by yourself and watch the company's business status at any time. ​

Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting provides a real-time accounting system. Regardless of whether you use a computer, phone, or tablet, the entered data will be synchronized to all devices without the need to update each item.

Synchronize with HSBC Hong Kong

The Xero accounting system can automatically synchronize bank statement transaction records to the company's accounts, and can automatically suggest or match them to issued invoices or receipts.

XERO Accounting

  • periodic accounting;

  • Preparation of financial statements (profit and loss account, balance sheet, owner's equity statement, cash flow statement, etc.);

  • Provide advice on clients’ accounting accounts;

  • Review the adequacy of accounting standards


  • Regarding the retention of accounting documents, please refer to the guidance issued by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department "Instructions for Keeping Business Records"

Service scope

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