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Our Service

Hong Kong Business Services Centre Providing diversified services, prospective entrepreneurs can provide company establishment, accounting and taxation issues, computer system planning and design services from the moment they start a business.


Establishing a company is the first step in starting a business. We recommend creating a unique and iconic company name as a company brand. ​We all provide free new company name search services to confirm that the proposed company name has not been adopted.

In addition to Hong Kong companies, entrepreneurs can also set up companies in overseas regions through us without having to go overseas in person.


Company renewal

Our professional team has a very good understanding of Hong Kong’s legal system and related provisions. Use our professional knowledge and experience to handle the company's annual renewal matters. In addition, we also specialize in drafting and processing government documents, preparing board resolutions and preparing annual general meetings to comply with the requirements of Hong Kong legislation.


Accounting and tax filing

Accounting and tax services focus on helping clients understand their financial situation and meet the requirements of Hong Kong laws.


Tax planning and assistance with tax investigations

Clients need to develop a tailor-made tax strategy in compliance with the laws, make full use of various tax incentives and tax exemptions, and avoid paying unnecessary taxes. We also help clients with tax planning, provide advice on their business and financial statements, and maintain good relationships with tax authorities.



Our consulting services cover corporate finance, bank account opening, agency setting up of MPF accounts, etc. Through in-depth understanding of enterprises, we assist them in formulating various financial statement systems and improving their financial status, and implement practical and cost-effective solutions to help enterprises reduce unnecessary risks and achieve expected development goals.

IT system

From IT basic infrastructure, design and ordering computer system, POS, Domain registration, email address, delivery system, web design (can be transferred to the customer for self-update in the future), etc.

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